Microblading Tattoo

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. “With this method I can create almost any look: from a very natural light finish to a beautifully bold brow,” says Aava. First, she consults with clients about the best brow shape for their face and chooses a color that matches the natural hair color and skin undertone. The brow area is then cleaned and numbed for the treatment. Instead of using a tattoo machine, she uses a little handheld tool to manually draw hair strokes. Lastly, she applies an ointment like the EyebrowDoctor Aftercare to help with the healing process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading Tattoo

Microblading is a form of tattooing so some level of pain is to be expected. I do use specially formulated numbing cream to limit the level of discomfort as much as possible. Using numbing cream can inhibit the absorption of pigment into the skin and many artists will refuse to use any as a result.  If you can manage the pain without any topical anaesthetic you will most likely get a better result.

Eyebrow microblading can last anywhere from 8 months to 2 years depending on your lifestyle habits and skin type. There are small habits you can form to prolong the lifespan of your brows such as limiting sun exposure and covering your brows with vasaline or petroleum jelly before swimming in any chlorinated water.

For eyebrow microblading allow a minimum of 2 hours for a consultation and appointment

Eyebrow microblading and cosmetic tattooing is not recommended for anyone who :

  • is currently taking blood thinners
  • is pregnant or currently breastfeeding,
  • suffers from keloid scarring,
  • has had injectable fillers in the last 7 days
  • suffers an autoimmune disease

Microblading & cosmetic tattooing usually takes about 14 days to fully heal. The scabbing process starts around 3-4 days after the initial treatment and takes about 4 days to naturally heal. During this time it is extremely important not to scratch or pick at the brows and allow the natural healing process to take place.  At the time of your consultation you will be provided with aftercare instructions to follow.

The first day after treatment it is normal for the eyebrow area to be tender and slightly red. Your brows will appear darker than desired during the first week and will then fade to the ideal brow colour during the. healing process. Touch ups can be considered 4-6 weeks after initial treatment.

We use the highest quality pigments available in Australia that are dermatologically tested. They are specially formulated using inorganic colourants to minimise the risk of allergens. Each batch is tested for quality control and colours are 100% vegan friendly.

Hollywood Teeth Whitening

Most people find they like to touch up their whitening depending on the normal amount of stains you have on your enamel as well as your eating and drinking habits. Your results will last longer if you refrain from things such as coffee, tea and smoking. You might as well use enamel booster to retain the teeth whitening result even better. For more questions call us prior to the treatment.

No, there are no side effects when getting your teeth whitened as our products are all natural. The only side effect you will have is whiter teeth for 6-9 months.

Each treatment varies in time from 15-60 minutes

Absolutely! Our products are PEROXIDE-FREE, all natural and have ZERO side effects. They are custom-made and registered with Food and Drug Administration in the USA, as well as fully compliant with EU standards.

Our treatment can be effective on stains caused by the antibiotic tetracycline. Our treatment will be more effective if the stains are not too deep within the teeth. Tetracycline stains are often one of the more difficult stains to remove but our team of professionals will be able to assist and advise you on the best way to treat your tetracycline stains.

Your teeth will be whiter within one hour of treatment so if you have an important meeting or function and you have left it to the last minute, our treatment is perfect for you.