In 2019, Sculpt Me Sydney began its journey as a small business with one staff member specialising in Body contouring and Teeth Whitening services. Here at Sculpt Me Sydney we have always been appreciated for our honesty, high quality service, professionalism, and our big welcoming smiles. Within the first year, Sculpt Me Sydney was able to thrive and become a successful business with the best and most experienced beauty therapists. The support and love from our clients has allowed us to expand and incorporate more services into the business such as Laser Hair Removal, HydraFacial and many more.


Our experienced team of beauty therapists at Sculpt Me Sydney take pride in their extensive knowledge of treatment. Sculpt Me Sydney offers treatments and services ranging from Laser hair removal, fat freezing, skin tightening, eyebrow microblading, HydraFacial, Hydrojelly facials and many others. These treatments are provided through the latest medical grade technology, allowing the therapists to provide the most up-to-date treatments and services allowing our client to achieve the best result, and also ensuring the SculptMe team can make you feel and look your best.


We take pride in using the most refined, medical grade machinery available, allowing for precise and effective treatment. Here at Sculpt Me Sydney we use the latest Candela Max Pro Series for all your laser hair removal, vascular, and pigmentation removal needs. This device is suitable for all skin types ranging from Medium to Dark Skin.

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